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Actor Andrey Da! Resume

Andrey Da! Actor +7 (915) 469-7427 Years of Experience, Fluent in 4 Languages!

Playing in Movies, TV Series, Commercials and Music Videos. Ready for Your Call...


Dozens of Bit Parts, Supporting Roles and Leads in Different Languages in Feature Films, Television Serials, Documentary Reenactments, Advertisement and Music Videos.


Years of multifaceted experience with Hollywood Actors, Directors, Producers, Music Stars, and other Local and World-Famous Celebrities.


Full filmography, high-resolution head-shots and other materials available by request...


Ethnic appearance: European

Physical attributes: Male, 6’2”

Age range: Perform 30 - 45

Clothing size: L - XL

Hair color: Dark

Eyes color: Brown

Spoken languages: English, Hebrew, Russian, Georgian


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Actor Andrey Da! Biography

Actor Andrey Da! Brief Biography


Andrey Da! actor and casting director, was born on February 14, 1975 on Valentine’s Day in the Soviet Union. He is Aquarius according to the zodiac sign. And as is inherent to most Aquariuses, Andrey is always surrounded by a light aura of mystery and breathes of an elusive charm. To perform under the pseudonym, actor was inspired by two factors: one was the character of Richard Kelly’s fantastic comedy "Southland Tales" with «The Rock» Dwayne Johnson and the second factor was much more trivial - most people can’t pronounce his surname correctly and he decided "to make it easier for people to work" and left only the first two letters, cutting all the excess with an exclamation mark underlining the positive message of his personal brand name. But...

Film Set

Actor Andrey Da! Brief Filmography

Feature Films:

* Sunstroke. (Solnechnyy Udar); Role: White Guard Officer; Director: Nikita Mikhalkov;

* Metro. (SubWave); Role: Security Official; Director: Anton Megerdichev;

* The Kitchen in Paris (Kukhnya v Parizhe); Role: Guest at the 7th Table; Director: Dmitry Diachenko;;

* Legend No. 17 (Legenda 17); Role: Pentaflex Cameraman; Director: Nikolay Lebedev;;

* That's Carloson (Tot Eshchyo Karloson!); Role: Parent; Director: Sarik Andreasyan;

* Forsaken: Mission Mars. (Prishelets); Role: Security Official; Director: Alexander Kulikov (Raskhodnikov M.);

* Eight First Dates (8 Pervykh Svidaniy); Role: ‘Dream Home’ Buyer; Director: David Dodson, Sasha Malarevsky, Marius Weisberg;

* Hardcore Henry (Hardkor); Role: Strip Club Visitor; Director: Ilya Naischuller;

* The Champions (Chempiony). Hockey; Role: Canadian Commentator; Director: Artyom Aksenenko;

* The Gift with Character (Podarok s Kharakterom); Role: Oligarch - Guest at the Artyom’s Birthday; Director: Karen Oganesyan;

* Dolly the Sheep (Ovechka Dolli Byla Zlaya I Rano Umerla). Role: Security Guard (scenes deleted); Director: Alexey Pimanov

* Rating (Reyting); Role: Film Crew Member; Dire...

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Andrey Da! Signs with New Agency

July 20, 2023

Fundraising for Children’s Theater

July 20, 2023

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July 20, 2023


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